I was born in 1959 and I live in Zwankendamme, Belgium. I'm a housewife and part-time nurse, married and mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter.. with a huge passion for photography.

On my 12th birthday I got a small camera and I mainly photographed people like friends, family and later on especially my 3 children.

When I bought my first analogue SLR back in 1996 at the local professional photographer Paul Gheyle, he asked me if I was interested in a photography course. I mainly wanted to master the technique... my passion was sparked.

I photograph nearly all subjects, but my greatest passion is for portraits and streetphotography, because that way I can involve people.

Now that I have somewhat mastered the technique I photograph more from my instinct: spontaneous, dynamic, letting the picture speak for itself... without loosing sight of the technique and composition.

For me a picture must have that "little extra", be stylish, convey my own vision, make people wonder, ... Those are the things I aspire.

I also like black and white photography more and more. Pure nostalgia, timeless, play with lines and surfaces, contrasts, structures, ...

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If you have any questions you may always contact me at info@joellecarton.be